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Communications in Mathematical Analysis is an international research journal devoted to the publication of high level research articles in all areas and sub-areas of mathematical analysis and their applications. In particular, it encourages interdisciplinary papers that cut across sub-disciplines within mathematical analysis and to neighboring fields; for example by applying one area of analysis to a different one; or to a problem in related sciences; and by exploring entirely new directions of research. 

Areas which will be covered by Communications in Mathematical Analysis include, but not are limited to:

  • Real & Complex Analysis
  • Harmonic analysis 
  • Geometric Analysis 
  • p-adic Analysis
  • Computational Mathematics 
  • Numerical Analysis 
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Differential Equations
    • Dynamical Systems
    • Functional Analysis
    • Operator Theory 
    • Stochastic Processes
    • Mathematical Biology  

These wide areas include for example: Global Analysis; Stochastic Analysis; p-adic Analysis; Summability Theory; Dynamic Equations on Time Scales; Fluid Mechanics; Convex & Non-Smooth Analysis; Control Theory & Optimization; Fractional Differential Equations & Dynamics; Complex Dynamics; Theory of Chaos; Fractals; Inequalities; Fourier Analysis; Wavelets & Approximation Theory; Decidability of Dimension-Groups; Spectral-Tile Duality; Scaling Algorithms; Special Functions; Approximation Theory; Fixed Point Theory; Coding; Game Theory; Kolmogorov Complexity; Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Biology, and diverse applications.Communication in Mathematical Analysis is indexed and abstracted among others by:

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