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Conference 3

Conference 3

Proceedings of the Conference "Analysis, Mathematical Physics and Applications" held in Ixtapa, Mexico, March 1-5,  2010

The following papers were presented at conference, then refereed and accepted for publication in a special issue of Communications in Mathematical Analysis. For additional details on the conference, please contact either Prof. Vladimir Rabinovich (National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico) - or Prof. Yuri Karlovich (Autonomous University of the State Morelos, Mexico) - e-mail:


In March of 2010, the International Workshop "Analysis, Mathematical Physics and Applications" was held in Ixtapa, México. The main aim of the workshop was to bring together the top researchers in Analysis, Mathematical Physics and Applications, to present main recent developments of these important and interacting fields of mathematics and to outline principal directions of their future investigations. Well-known mathematicians from Germany, Italy, México, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and USA participated with lectures and talks in this workshop. Three minicourses consisting of 3 one-hour lectures, 15 plenary one-hour and 40-min. lectures, and several contributed 25-min. talks were delivered. The full Workshop schedule was posted at

This workshop was organized by the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (México), Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (México) and Instituto Politécnico Nacional (México D.F.) with assistance of three other scientific groups of the so-called ''Red" from México (CINVESTAV, México, D.F.), Poland (Szczecin) and Russia (Moscow) that are joined by a framework of the scientific project ''Red de Cuerpos Académicos", México.


  • Prof. Gennadiy Burlak (UAEM, Cuernavaca, México )
  • Prof. Yuri Karlovich (UAEM, Cuernavaca, México)
  • Prof. Vladimir Rabinovich (IPN, México, D.F.)


The organizers gratefully acknowledge the support of the SEP-PROMEP (México) via "Proyecto de Redes".


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